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Experience a true paradise on Earth and visit the dreamy Maldives! Many describe the Maldives as a true paradise on Earth, and because of its natural beauty, Marco Polo has called them the "pearls of the Indian Ocean".

We are staying on an island that is superbly positioned. 2 sand banks (sand dunes at sea) nearby, manta spot, shark spot, turtle spot etc.

The inhabitants of the island are wonderful. Unlike the other islands, it is not so boring here, as anyone who wants activities and activities will find them too. There is a smaller hospital on the island, so health is also taken care of.

There is shade on the island's sandy beach. Beach chairs are free! There is also a beach volley on the beach. The lagoon has low water and is suitable for the youngest. A coral reef is nearby and snorkelling is a new experience every day.
Under the sea there is a wonderful, magical world of all kinds of fish, different colors and shapes, which is definitely worth seeing. Our island is also known for bigger fish. With luck, you see mints, eagles, sharks and turtles.
The hotel we are staying at is pampering us and it must be admitted that it fits! It's a vacation. Lots of swimming, diving and playing on the playground (playground is the center of events on the island in the evening). And when you get back to the room, juice and delicious food await you. Invaluable!
In the Maldives, it is constantly around 30 degrees. Chilled fruit juice is the ultimate solution. And here you get it in the price!

Holidays in the Maldives will not be complete if you do not admire the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world of this island with your mask and snorkel. Each island has a coral reef where you can dive daily.

In any case, the Maldives is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world, which is also one of the major tourist attractions. Here, along the coral reefs, you can see innumerable species of tropical fish. Turtle and dolphin swimming is also part of our program. Even more so than on the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The Maldives is a great destination for families with children, divers, singles and couples looking for romance. Due to beautiful nature, beautiful sunsets and indescribable romance, they are also perfect for a holiday in two and unforgettable honeymoon.

Maldives is always the right choice :) We chose the island that offers the most. We are not located on a "micro" island, where there are not many options, but on an island that, in addition to the beautiful beaches, offers a couple of cafes, some shops and amazing surroundings, perfect for trips. Our Maldives is different in that we have prepared packages for you with no hidden costs. Like everyone else.

CHAR Pakages


In our opinion the best package.There is all by little. The package includes:

  • Accomodation in deluxe room AC
  • FB- Full board: (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • "Snorkeling" safari by boat on 3 locations 
  • Night fishing and BBQ on the beach
  • 1x day trip to a sand island with picnic
  • 1x swimming with dolphins
  • Free kayak/canoe rent
  • Airport assistance
  • Transfer from Male airport and back
  • All taxes

A cheaper package for those who want more basic services at lowest price. The package includes:

  • Accomodation in deluxe room AC
  • BB- Bed&breakfast 
  • 1x dinner with BBQ on the beach
  • Free kayak/canoe rent
  • Airport assistance
  • Transfer from Male airport and back
  • All taxes

 Extra trips can be booked on the destination.


Designed for all lovers of the sea and underwater  world on the breath. The package includes:

  • Accommodation in deluxe room AC
  • HB- Half board (breakfast + dinner)
  • 1x dinner with BBQ on the beach
  • Snorkeling safari on 3 locations by boat
  • Snorkeling with turtles
  • Snorkeling with mantas
  • Free canoe rent
  • Airport assistance
  • Transfer from Male airport and back
  • All taxes



Intended for divers and lovers of the underwater world. The package includes:

  • Accommodation in deluxe room AC
  • BB- Bed and breakfast
  • 1x dinner with BBQ on the beach
  • 10X dives with all equipemnt
  • Free canoe rent
  • Airport assistance
  • Transfer from Male airport and back
  • All taxes 

For 4 or more persons on the package, the price is further reduced.


Designed for cuples, pampering and romance for two. The package includes:

  • Accommodation in deluxe room AC
  • BB- Bed&breakfast
  • 1x dinner with BBQ on the beach
  • 1x day trip to a sand island with picnic
  • 1X swimming with dolphins at sunset
  • Free canoe rent
  • Airport assistance
  • Transfer from Male airport and back
  • All taxes
(If desired it can also be combined with a private resort or the romantic island Ulkhulas)

Designed for cuples or families. The package includes:

  • Accommodation in deluxe beachfont room AC on bases BB, HB, FB, All Inclusive
  • All Taxes
  • Trasfer to/from airport
  • Roomy type: deluxe, standard, garden villa, sea villa

Some highlights (click)



We have selected one of the most attractive islands for you. Otherwise it is not an island with luxury resorts but it is a local island which has very nice beaches. It has a couple of restaurants and cafes, bars, shops and hotels. Food is also good for those who choose packages over lunches and dinners. The island is a great base for exploring the nearby paradise. Really nice location. We are staying in a nice hotel, the rooms are AC, big and very clean.

Optional arrangement for a 4 * or 5 * resort stay at a bargain!



Our advantages

* rich program and lots of pleasure and activity
* cheapest vacation in Maldives
* no hidden costs
* choice of four packages
* Slovenian guide, which will always be fun
* more departed (possible differences in the cost of the program due to the prices of airfare)
* departures from nearby airports (Ljubljana, Zagreb, Venice)



About the country

The Maldives boasts a tropical climate characterized by plenty of sunshine, with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
Nonetheless, the Maldives is also a destination with some raindrops falling throughout the year, the most frequent being between April and October, when the southeast monsoon is around, especially between June and August. It rains most often at night, otherwise the Maldives is known as an island where rain falls in storms that are heavy but short. Sea temperatures range from 25 to 28 degrees, making the beach more enjoyable and not too hot, and a light breeze makes humidity, which is about 70-80 percent, very bearable. Due to the summer temperatures, the Maldives requires light summer clothing, and suncream and sunglasses are indispensable. Of course, swimwear should not be forgotten, but good water footwear is also recommended so you can safely explore the coral reefs.
Culture and population
The Maldives is an island with a population of about 380,000 inhabitants, of which a little less than a third live on the island of Male, where the capital is located. The locals are called Dhivehin and their language is considered to be one of the oldest Asian languages, called Maldivian – Dhivehi. 
Maldives is also a holiday destination where, due to its tourist popularity, most islanders understand and speak English, and in more tourist-visited areas, foreign languages such as Italian, French or even Japanese. In addition, the multifaceted culture that has always come from nearby destinations and visitors from all over the world has made a big mark on the people of the Maldives. Today, the Maldives is a place with a very colorful and diverse art, culture, language, beliefs and traditions. Maldives also vary in appearance from island to island, depending on the dominant influence of roots originating in the Arab world, south and south-east Asia and Africa.

Visa and vaccination

Maldives tourist visa is not required for citizens of most of the countries for a stay up to 30 days. Visas for Maldives are issued on arrival at the Airport.
No vaccination is required by law, although it is recommended that travelers be covered against the main food and water-borne diseases (Hepatitis A and Typhoid) and Tetanus.
All tourists should verrify themselves if the above apply for them.


Group and guide

The group is large from 12-24 passengers. When traveling together, the group will be led by a Slovenian route leader. Individual departures will be assisted by our partners in the Maldives.


When on the road?

Although Maldives is considered the country of endless summer (the lowest recorded temperature was +18°C), the country has two dominating seasons: a dry season and a wet season. The dry season lasts from December till April and is characterized by dry northeast winter monsoons. The wet season starts in May and ends in October and is associated with moist southwest monsoons and strong winds and storms. This season is the best time to visit for surfing and it is also defined by the lowest prices.


For current prices and departure please visit the Slovenian site (CLICK HERE)

 Price icludes:

 *An arrangement containing:

   - organization and preparation of travel,
   - the Slovenian leader of the road
   - international flight
   - transfer by speedboat to the island
   - selected package of 7 days
   - accommodation in double or family room
   - all air fees and visa 

Each package includes 7 nights in a 3 *** hotel with its own garden (very suitable for the youngest). We choose flights that allow you to be on the beach for the last day (departure in the afternoon, in the evening). If you include meal in your package, the drink is free (tea, nescafe, juice). Warning: The Slovenian Trail Leader is involved with 12 registered adults. In the case of a small number of passengers, the services are provided by the hotel and local guide and are provided in English.
0-2 years: 10% ticket, free of charge (in room with parents) 
2-8 years: discount packages 200-300 € (in room with parents) 
8-11 years: 200 € discount packages (in room with parents) 
11 years or older: Children over 11 years old: full price.
Individual offers on other dates are also possible. For groups of 5 or more additional discounts.


Tips, for all local staff: € 20 / person
Full board supplement: 23 € / person / day
Half board supplement: 12 € / person / day
Single room supplement: 25 € / day
Small group supplement: from 08-11 passengers is 120 €, 11-14 passengers is 90 €.
Surcharges are also available for trips.


Method of payment: 

An advance payment of € 100 is payable upon registration and an application fee of € 10 / payment. The application cost is non-refundable. Departure is guaranteed with a minimum number of passengers. In case of a small number of passengers, the trip is canceled or the price for organization and management is proportionally increased. From 8-11 passengers it is increased by 120 € and from 12-14 passengers it is 90 €. If you cancel your trip, the cancellation periods apply as stated in the general terms and conditions. 60 days before your trip or before billing, you can redeem the advance on any of our routes for a period of one year. You can read more about the general terms and conditions here. If the trip is canceled due to insufficient number of registrations, we will of course refund the entire payment. Before the departure, the cost of airfare, escort and travel arrangements, insurance with assistance and transfers to the airport shall be settled. Everything else is paid locally, on site. Local flights in Indonesia are non-refundable (no ref), for international flights, companies only refund fees that are very low. Therefore, we advise against the risk of failure.
Destinations are travelers and prices are changing. Minor variations may occur due to changes in prices or currencies, so we only 100% guarantee the price for the organization and the flight.



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