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Tour Colombia- program description

We begin in 2,640mv high capital of the country Bogotá. Here we visit the old colonial part, we climb to the lookout point and feel the pulse of the city. Bogota is also known for its bike trips so here we cycle (in this way also we see the most). Follows Medelin cultural center and well known for good night life. Shopping is here inevitable. Here we go to the museum of Pablo Escobar. Parrots and monkeys will jump to our head and we will feed hippopos! House of Escobar is also a museum where is described the fall of the cocaine lord. Follows the lake and the colorful village of Guatapé (Rise on the monolith, party on boat), and the National Park Rio Claro where we will explore the amazing nature and a marble cave with crazy birds. After we go to thermal springs of Santa Rosa where we will swim under a cold waterfall and hot water at the same time. After the wells we go to Eje Cafetero known for endless coffee plantations. Here we visit Salento, green coffee plantations, giant bamboos, pineapple plantations and with horses we ride to the waterfalls and enjoy the day hike in the beautiful valley of Cocora among highest palms in the world. The fastest birds in the world - hummingbirds are waiting for us in the middle of the beautiful nature. After we fly to Santa Marta and transfer to the nice coastal town and fishing village Tagango, which has developed into a true traveler center. From here we begin on our trekking "Ciudad Perdida", where we meet the last tribe and cohabit with them. Trek is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Walking app. 6 hours / day in the wonderful landscape. Locals will show us their culture and we will see the traditional (tribal) and the modern way of processing coca leaves.Local farmer will show us how at the time of the cartels in the Caribbean they produced cocaine paste and how cartels exploit local farmers. After the trek we go further in Tayrona National Park, where we will enjoy the beautiful nature and beautiful beaches. There will be the end of the visit the mysterious or the nudist beach. After we go to the Totumo volcano where are massages and mud baths and further to Cartagena - the beautiful town with a lot of culture. City will immediately take over us with its colors and street performances. We visit our mother who will host us make delicious juices. After we go on a trip to the mud volcano and on Playo Blanco with its palm trees- it looks like a catalog. Optionally you can extend to the Amazon, to the anacondas, dolphins and caimans or on the gorgeous Caribbean island of San Andres. There we have good friends who will take care of you. There you swim with skates, sailing the catamaran, visit rasta island or simply enjoy the white beaches and crystal clear Caribbean see.

This itinerary is made for the traveler who likes to explore the world in its real colors!

Some highlights

Sights on the tour

Bogota: capital city above the sea, bikes, Čiča drinks, Candelaria
Medelin: Eternal Spring, developed city full of culture, entertainment and tradition
Museum Pablo Escobar: Pablo was the king of cocaine, 7th richest in the world.
Today his house is entertainment place with history and animals of notorious criminal
Rio Claro National Park: walking through the jungle, crazy trip into the cave, dropping down the river,
Guatapé: a colorful village surrounded by lakes with lively atmosphere
Visit of thermal springs: boiling pools under waterfalls
Salento: a village of coffee with traditional culture and good food surrounded by plantations
Coffee plantations: Finally we will learn about the production and preparation of delicious coffee
Horseback Riding: horseback riding through the countryside of memorable Eje Kafetero, soft or hard
Valle de Cocora: gorgeous hike through the valley with highest palm trees in the world
Cartagena: Beautiful old colonial coastal city with a lot of culture
Tropical Drinks: We will take you to the juice from fresh fruit that will remain in the memory
A trip to the volcano: mini volcano De Lodo ​​which rises above the Caribbean is known for its healing mud
Playa Blanca: proclaimed the most beautiful beach of the Caribbean. It is obligatory trip from Cartagena
NEW: This year you can sleep in Playa Blace in a seaside cottage
Taganga: backpackers fishing village full of enjoyment and lively night life.
Santa Marta: colonial city and crazy markets where you can find everything
Tayrona National Park: beautiful Seaside Park which is breathtaking
Party "Chiva" bus: If there will be a wish…party bus. Party until the end ....
Cuidad Perdida: excellent trek to the Lost City of Tayronian civilization to the tribes, legends, crystal clear pools and animals ( extension )
Amazon: If desired you can pass deep in the Amazon forest to the border of Bra-Kol-Peru,
river dolphins, caimans, nests of thousands of parrots,trans with shaman etc.

Our video from the tour



Our advantages

Because we have a good time in Colombia. During the day we see everything, we eat where the food is good and the evening is time for dancing! But... is Colombia safe country? Briefly: YES. Long: Practical safer than all the countries in its vicinity. We travel it lengthwise and crosswise and choose only the best for you. The program is put together in a way that offer as much for a fair price! Accommodations are good (dubles) and always in the center of events, services are at a high level and on the tour we mostly use domestic flights or private bus. The program contains of adventure, tribes, activities (Rio Claro, Ciudad Perdida trek and Tyrona) and enjoyment and culture (and Caribbean Center) For each place we choose the most suitable and the most popular mode of transport and select the things that should not be miss in this amazing country. We will experience the city's culture and nature. The country is large so over longer distances we fly as the bus is too hard. We eat in good restaurants where they serve delicious and typical meals (trout, meat, vege). The highlight of our tour is an unforgettable trek "Ciudad perdida" where we go to the last tribes in this part of the world and has been rated as the best experience in rapidly developing country. For this trek they say that it is much more mysterious and mystical as the Inca trek in Peru. We walk in the natural park of Tyrone where the jungle is mixed with coastal paradise. We can arrange also a tour from the sea side. For the end is Cartagena. No streets in this wonderful city. There is also an option to visit the Amazon and the tropical island of San Andres.

Hotels on the tour


Our hotels in Colombia are verified. We choose beautiful hotels with authentic and friendly people and good service. We use double rooms with private shower and WC. Where it is not possible we sleep in hammock (million star category). Accommodations are different categories. In the end point is that we are in the center of the action. Hotels are centrally located and all the highlights are in a walking distance.


About country

The Republic of Colombia is a maritime country in northwestern South America. It border on the north of the Caribbean Sea in the east to Venezuela in the southeast to Brazil in the south to Peru and Ecuador and on the west by Panama and the Pacific Ocean. It was named after explorer Christopher Columbus. The official language is Spanish and the national currency is the Colombian peso (COP $). Colombia is located on 1.141.568km2. Land is generally divided into seven regions: Bogota, Boyaca, Caribbean coast, Pacific coast, Medellin & Zona Cafetera, Cali & South East Colombia and the Amazon basin. Each region has its own character, clime and the nature completely different from each other. There are few countries that offer such diversity: from the Caribbean and Pacific beaches, deserts in the north, the snowy mountain ranges, plateaus and hills to the Amazonian lowlands and the southern tropical parks. The country is from the tourist point of view still relatively unknown but let this not make you blind. If you cannot find the country find among favorite tourist destination that does not mean that there's no tourists and infrastructure. Quite contrary! Country is super organized for the needs of domestic tourists and they are not small (43 million Colombians)! Hotels are beautiful, decorated and clean, the streets are safe and nature is striking. Country simply offers too much that you can fully see in one trip. This is simply impossible because the distances are too big and the and there is too many sights. However we choose for you only the most beautiful corners of this beautiful country.

Visa and vaccination

We arrange visas at the airport. We recommend vaccination against hepatitis A.

Group and guide

The exact itinerary can get by clicking on the route map. The group is large from 11-20 travelers. The group guides are Gregor or Tomo. For the whole journey need 18-24 days.
Before the trip we have a meeting which is mandatory to avoid problems and lack of information.

When on the road?

Colombia has 12 months of the season. Important is the rainy season which is lately very difficult to predict. The best time to visit Colombia is from December to March when the flights are cheap. During high season (Christmas, Easter) the prices jump up to the heavens. Our departures are in January when it’s the weather is OK and season is low and in July. Departures with Club Car and in the organizations of the Agency Huda Tura. The number of persons is limited !!



For the current price please visit the Slovenian page. (CLICK HERE)

Price guarantee in the case of the 10 passengers.
Mode of payment for travel is different because we all pay on the spot. As the prices of services and exchange rates in developing countries changing note that these prices are indicative and may vary slightly. We guarantee prices only for the organization and escort which is 260/300 € with a minimum number of 10 travelers .

Price includes:

* Organization and Slovenian escort
* Air flight to Bogota (excellent airfreight carrier)
* 3 internal flights (depending on the program)
* Accommodation in a beautiful hotels (mostly double bedrooms, sometimes triple)
* All costs of transport, drivers and transfers,

When there are 11 or less traveler the price surcharge organization. 11-9 passengers 50€ and 8-6 passengers 80.

Price does not include:

* Health insurance and ZRO (cancellation insurance)
* food out of the program
* Entrance to the spa, riding horses, some museums (optional)
* Shopping

We recommend for shopping, drinks, food, evening watches, gifts about € 300 more.



Vrhunec potovanja zame je bil treking v Izgubljeno mesto,najlepši dan na potovanju pa je bil dan ko smo bili na kanjoningu v jami. Škoda le da smo imeli premalo časa za čofotanje. Najbolj na izi mi je bil Salento in pa Kartagena. Amazonka je vsekakor vredna obiska, glede na to da pa nismo čisto navadni turisti, tudi deževje ni tako moteče.
Potovanje po Kolumbiji je zanimivo, varno, skratka Kolumbija je država ki jo je vredno obiskati. 

lp Sandi

 Odgovori na tvoja vprašanja:

1. Potovanje je bilo odlično. Bilo je intenzivno, aktivno od jutra do večera, morda za ljudi nad 60 kdaj prenaporno, vendar polno doživetij, kar daje poseben CHAR :)!
2. Treking na Ciudad Perdida in Amazonia.
3. Generalno nič. Morda bi upočasnila vodenje po določenih lokacijah (mesta).
4. Za vodenje ti iskreno čestitam! Vse je "štimalo", vsaj opazit ni bilo nikakršnih zapletov. Tvoja pozitivna energija in povezanost z domačini je izredna, kar daje nam turistom zaupanje in sigurnost v tvoje vodenje.
5. Dvignila sem 8x in sicer 6xpo 400.000,1x300.000 in 1x200.000. - cca 1230€

Porabila sem za skoraj mesec Kolumbije 2500 EURO.

Če bo vse kot si želim, bom s tabo še kam šla!

Lep pozdrav,


 Hojla, Gregor!

• Zanima me kaj je blo naj in je zapisano v spominu, vrhunci potovanja
V spominu je zapisanega veliko! Predvsem je to barvita dežela bujne vegetacije, čudovitih naravnih danosti, sproščenih ritmov salse in nasmejanih ljudi (mimogrede - ženske se smejejo z boserno lepimi zbmi, nobenega kariesa...
Uživala sem v trekingu - prečenjih toplih brzic, spanju v mrežah,...
Izvrstni sokovi in sadje na vsakem koraku!!!
• Kje si se najbolj oddahnil/a?
Najbolj sem si oddahnila v Tayroni - čudovite dolge, skoraj neobljudene plaže, toplo morje, naobzorju samo modro nebo in kristalno čisto morje (nobenih ladij, nobenih čolnov, nobenih surfarjev,....)
• Se ti zdi smiselno da bi šli prihodnje v Amazonko kjer pogosto dežuje (tudi decembra in januarja) je pa sila lepo?
Predlagam Patagonijo!
• In kako se ti je zdela tura nasploh?
Tura je doživljajsko zelo bogata! Čestitam za odličen program - vsak dan je prinesel nekaj nepozabnega (toplice, jamski trek, blatna kopel, muzej Botera, Escobarjevo posestvo, koralno otočje, Oceanario, monolit Guadape, kava, koka,

Grega, čestitam in priporočam drugim!

Lepo se imej,

 Živjo Gregor, kot obljubljeno, pošiljam odgovore na vprašanja:

1. Zanima me kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh?Če seštejem vse skupaj, se mi je potovanje zdelo super. Zelo dinamično, všeč mi je bilo, ker je bilo veliko hoje (a bejž, no?) in drugih aktivnosti.

2.Kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu?V najlepšem spominu mi bo zagotovo ostal treking do izgubljenega mesta,Valle de Cocora, ježa konjev, Cartagena in Islas the Rosario.

3.Bi kaj spremenil/a?Ja, če bi jaz vodila, bi stvari glede organizacije in poteka dneva povedala enkrat. Tako bi se ljudje naučili, da poslušajo vodnika takrat ko govori, ne pa da se kar naprej sprašujejo iste stvari...

4.Je bilo vodenje v redu?Definitivno je tvoja osebnost dala poseben čar temu potovanju :) Si ne predstavljam, kako je, ko nimaš išijasa. Na samo vodenje nimam pripomb, edino kar bi predlagala, da ljudem, ki se gredo spuščat po Riu Claru poveš, da ni tako lahko, kot zgleda na prvi pogled. Za svoja dejanja popolnoma prevzemam odgovornost, ampak vseeno pričakujem, da vodnik ne spodbuja aktivnosti, kjer se lahko udeleženci resno poškodujejo oz. še kaj hujšega. Ali pa vsaj opozori na to. Moraš vedeti, da so tvoja merila kaj je težko in kaj ni, nekoliko drugačna od navadnega smrtnika. Zaradi tega pripetljaja v Riu Claru, ko enostavno nisem mogla priti iz reke, sem bila jaz potem skoz malo živčna in na vulkan nisem šla zato, ker nisem vedela ali sem bom med lebdenjem v vulkanskem blatu utapljala ali ne.. Pač - izkušnje in malo nezaupanja.

5. Koliko denarja si porabil/a v Kolumbiji (vsota dvigov na bankomatu) – da vemo za prihodnjič.
Vse skupaj z vsemi darili, spominki itd. sem zapravila 2.400 EUR, samo jaz na potovanjih ne varčujem, ampak si privoščim, kar želim. Predlagam, da če boš imel še takšen sistem v bodoče, da poveš že na sestankih pred samim potovanjem, naj si ljudje povečajo limit za dnevni dvig. Meni niti na kraj pameti ni padlo. Tečno je potem kar naprej gledat, kje bo bankomat...pa se spraševat ali boš imel dovolj denarja...



Kolumbija je bila res nekaj posebnega in trek Cuidad Perdida mi bo za vedno ostal v spominu. Prijazni, odprti ljudje, prečudovita narava je tisto kar je dalo svoj pečat.

Prenaporno ni bilo saj človek marsikaj vzdrži, najbolje je, da se stvari dogajajo spontano, nepričakovano – adventure. Potrebno je videti in doživeti vse, brez oklevanja kaj je smiselno in kaj ne. Smisel je v vseh stvareh, če jih le sprejmeš takšne kot so in znaš uživati v vsem kar ti je preprosto dano.

Meni osebno je bil trek do izgubljenega mesta, vključno park Tyrona nekaj posebnega, pa jama v Santa Clari, Otok San Andres pa je bila tista pika na i - totalen odklop, plavati z manta rey-i, mangrovi, življenje na otoku, dobra hrana, rasta life, iguane, glasba, itd.

Morda bi izpustila kopanje v vulkanskem blatu, playo Blanco v slabem vremenu, namen pa je videti in doživeti vse kar se da. Možnosti glede prilagajanja ture je ogromno, v Amazonijo bi pa tudi šla-škoda da nismo že letos podaljšaliJ

Vsem potnikom pa svetuj, da za trek vzamejo najslabše cunje (le nekaj kosov) in ostalo robo, da jo lahko na koncu pustijo domačinom.

Srečno, Petra




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