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Tour Iceland- program description

The first two nights we will sleep in Reykjavik. We visit the whole city with all attractions. The next day we go to four day trek, which will optionally start in thermal hot springs. Trekking is considered the most beautiful in the world. The route will take us through the magical lava fields, rivers, geysers, lakes, volcanoes and glaciers. We'll spend the night in traditional huts in the middle of Iceland's untamed landscape. Trekking will be completed in the most magical point Thorsmork. Free time for  sauna and pleasures. After four days of walking we change transport (foot for cars: =)). We would drive to golden circle where we can admire the beauties of the geothermal spring Geysir, waterfalls Strokkur and Gulfson. At the lake Thingvelir where it is possible to dive, we will admire the beautiful nature, and the breakage of the world, where American and Eurasian plate meets. If the weather will be nice we will walk through the valley of springs and even swim. Afterthen we drive to the big Icelandic circle. We'll start with magnificent waterfalls, then we will visit the village Skogar and magnificent Skogafoss. We will stop at the magical point Dyrholeay, where we can see the colorful puffin. We will walk in the national park Scaftafell, visit the majestic black aterfall Svartifoss and admire the natural beauty of its rich flora, fauna and glaciers. We sailed between ice pieces in the Jökulsárlón lagoon. In Hofen we will taste lobster soup and sleep in the middle of the Icelandic wilderness. In Asbyrgi we walk between breathtaking rock formations stock in Jökulsárgljúfur National Park and see Europe's largest waterfall Detifoss. Upon to request, we will go on the sea safari, where we will observe whales, sea parrots and puffin. Then we will visit Lake Myvatn with its endless beauty, volcanoes and crazy views and thermal springs. Followed by Krafla volcano, volcanic fields Namafjell, volcanic caves Grjotag, waterfall Godafoss and Akureyri town, where we will enjoy the culture, shopping and homemade ice cream. From there we go to the north coast, to the peninsula Sneafelsness. In the end we spend our time in jacuzzi, unforgettable sea walks, crazy wild beaches and magical point of the peninsula. The journey will be completed on the Reykjanes peninsula. We will visit the Blue Lagoon where you can swim in the geothermal water with the unusual blue color and the temperature around 37 deegres. Iceland is a paradise for nature lovers. 

The program is recommended for those who want adventure, freedom and backpacking way of discovering the world.

Some highlights

Sigths on the tour

Aroud the island: the wonderful feeling of riding between fjords, waterfalls and volcanoes
Treking: one of the most beautiful trekkings in the world (Landmannalaugar trek)
Golden Circle: popular tourist trail in south Iceland, which covers around 300 km,
Island`s horse: beautiful horses to admire and ride
Gullfoss: (Golden Falls) is a waterfall located in the canyon in southwest od Iceland,
Geysir: natural phenomenon - eruptions eject spring water up to 70m,
Dyrholeay: observation of marine birds and mammals and amazing coastal cliffs,
Snæfellsnes: peninsula with Snæfellsjökull volcano, one of the symbolos od Island
Skaftafel: national park and a wonderful view of the Vatnajokull,
Akureyri: beautiful fairytale city on the bnoth of Iceland,
Husavik: whale watching with ship,
Fjords: a lot of beautiful fjords,
Skogafoss: magnificent waterfall, falling down 60m,
Asbyrgi: magnificent national park withe the canyon of the river Jökulsá, 
Dettifoss: the strongest in Europe's largest waterfall,
Vatnajokul: the largest glacier in Iceland, 8,100 square kilometers,
Jokulsarlon: lagoon with floating icebergs,
Myvatn: beautiful lake, volcanic fields in geysers,
Char točka: The magic point where they prepare "Char" in a special way




Our advantages

Iceland is the most northern country of all our journeys. Iceland is an expensive destination but we have the best prices. We visit all magic points on the beautiful island: natural lakes, geysers, rivers, waterfalls, volcanoes We sleep in houses, hostels or campsites. We explore Island by car, bus, on foot, by boat and on raft. We can show you the most beautiful corners of the country with its natural phenomena. Accommodations are tailored to the island. People in Iceland are friendly. They have Viking-blood, so in addition to the beautiful nature, with them we can meet our need for entertainment and adrenaline.

Hotels on the tour 


Accommodations (homes and huts) in Iceland are verified. We choose hotels, which are nice, genuine with friendly people and good service. We use quadruple rooms,that have their own shower and toilet. On trekking we sleep in dormitory. Somewhere we can sleep in camping (category one million star). Accommodations are different categories.


About country

Iceland is a Nordic island country between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It has a population of 329,100 and an area of 103,000 km2, making it the most sparsely populated country in Europe. Iceland is volcanically and geologically active. The interior consists of a plateau characterised by sand and lava fields, mountains and glaciers, while many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream and has a temperate climate, despite a high latitude just outside the Arctic Circle.The ridge marks the boundary between the Eurasian and North American Plates, and Iceland was created byrifting and accretion through volcanism along the ridge. Many fjords punctuate Iceland's 4,970-kilometres long coastline, which is also where most settlements are situated. The island's interior, the Highlands of Iceland, is a cold and uninhabitable combination of sand, mountains and lava fields. 

The climate of Iceland's coast is subpolar oceanic. The climate varies between different parts of the island. Generally speaking, the south coast is warmer, wetter and windier than the north. The Central Highlands are the coldest part of the country. 

Visa and vaccionation

Visas are not required. Vaccinations are not needed.

Group and guide

The group is large up to five cars. The group guides are Gregor or Matic. For the whole journey need 13-16 days.

Before the trip we have a meeting which is mandatory to avoid problems and lack of information.

When on the road?

Iceland is beautiful from May to August, when it is warm, the nature is awakened and is great for photography. It's great even in winter, you can discover beautiful idyll and observe aurora borealis in the sky. Departures with Char Club and organisation of the Agency Huda Tura are in June and July. The exact date of departure can check on the right side - WHEN ON THE ROAD. The number of places is limited!




For the current price please visit the Slovenian page. (CLICK HERE)
Mode of payment for travel is different because we all pay on the spot. We guarantee prices only for the organization and escort which is 310 €. Costs on the way are from 400€/ ( rent a car is separately)

Price includes:

* Organization, Slovenian escort
* international flight,
* rental cars and all the costs ( gasline,tolls, parking cestnine, parkinine, we drive ourself),
* accommodations (traveles hostels, houses, huts and camp - we arrange tents); in huts we have dromitories, houses are for four people, rooms double or triple!). Accommodations are nice but simple. Its also possible without camping!

When there are 11 or less traveler the price surcharge organization. 11-9 passengers 50€ and 8-6 passengers 80€.

Price does not includes:

* Transfer to the airport (cca 85eur),
* trip whales 70€, ice lagoon 20€
* hot springs Myvatn 30€,
* horse riding 30€,
* food out of program 150€
* entrance fees to museums ( 15-20€)

* Health insurance and ZRO (cancellation insurance)
* tips (not required)

We advise to take approx. 300-400€ for: food, horse riding, whale watching, shopping, drinks, evening parties, gifts..




Zdravo Gregor,

zame je bilo prvo tako potovanje, prvi trek in mi je bilo zelo, zelo všeč.Vsekakor si dal od sebe vse kar si mogel in to se je čutilo. Islandijo sem videla v vsej raznolikosti, kar se jo za ta letni čas da. Izziv mi je še zima, haha.Si enkraten vodnik in organizator,nikoli ni bilo pri nikomur sledi slabe volje in to je pomembno za lepe spomine.Zakaj Islandija, zakaj tak način? Sama sebe se ne predstavljam ležati na kakšni plaži ali pa cele dneve hoditi po mestih in muzejih. Dopust mora biti raznolik, doživeti marsikaj in to mi je bilo letos dano. Odločila sem se prav.Celotno potovanje me je stalo več kot si predvidel, ni pa preseglo dva jurja. Daril praktično nisem kupovala, bila sem racionalna, škrtarila pa nisem, saj ne vem če bom še kdaj tam.Moje sanje so še NepalTo potovanje sem že in bom še priporočila marsikomu.

Lp do snidenja


1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh?  Izredno zanimivo, še posebej zato, ker je bilo to moje prvo potovanje na sever.

2. Kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu? Topli jakuziji/savne v vsaki »vasi« oz. na vsakem koraku. Meni, ki sem mahnjena na arhitekturo in so mi davni časi blizu, mi je bil najbolj zanimiv Porsmork – etno vas, pa zemljanke in etno muzej. Seveda pa tudi vsa raznovrstna pokrajina in mogočna narava, ki smo jo doživeli na poti, res nekaj ekstra posebnega.

3. Je bilo vodenje v redu, kakšno oceno bi dal vodniku (1-5)? Odlično 5!

4. Zakaj si se odločil oz. odločila za to potovanje? Že nekaj let nisem potovala, zdaj pa se je pokazala možnost in gledala sem potovanja, ki jih ima Gregor (ker sem z njim že potovala, pa mi je bil dober vodičkar je zelo pomembno; skratka iz razloga lojalnosti! J). Potem je bil faktor tudi čas (ne več kot dva tedna zdoma, ker imam v službi malo dopusta in majhnega otroka) in seveda denar - da potovanje suma sumarum ni predrago. Islandija je ustrezala tem kriterijem in ker tako ali tako nisem videla še nič sveta in me še vse zanima, je bila to lahka in odlična izbira.

5. Koliko denarja si cca porabil/a na turi? Za potovanje sem porabila nekaj manj kot 2.000 EUR, s tem, da smo malo šparali in smo se bolj izjemoma prehranjevali po gostilnah (le kadar je vodič priporočal, da je kaj fajn – in splačalo se ga je poslušati), sicer pa v trgovino in potem kuhati. Pa alkohola ne pijem, mogoče je zaradi tega končna cifra kaj nižja...

6. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a? To bo verjetno šele čez kaki dve leti ali več. Spet nekam po kriterijih: dva tedna, cca. 2.000  EUR.

7. Bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu? Seveda, ker je izredno doživetje! Pri čemer pa velja poudariti, da je, med drugim, to potovanje za trpežne in odporne na veter in mraz J


Preživela sva čudovit dopust.V najlepšem spominu nama je ostal vtis zelene pokrajine.
Vodenje je bilo odlično. Stalna pozornost do vseh, skupaj s poznavanjem dežele, je pohvale vredna. Gregor, ocena 5.
Za to potovanje sva se odločila zato, ker rada spoznavava tuje kraje - tokrat naju je pritegnila narava, ki je povsem izpolnila najina pričakovanja.Natančne evidence o denarju nisva vodila, porabila sva približno toliko kot ostali.
Kam bi v prihodnosti rada potovala  -  neskončno je še zanimivih krajev in ljudi po svetu. Ker sva letos izbrala naravo, razmišljava v prihodnje o ljudeh. Mogoče kakšna dežela, kjer je življenje bistveno drugačno, kot pri nas. Omejitev je seveda čas in denar - ampak želje pa seveda nimajo omejitev.
Vsekakor bova potovanje priporočila ostalim.
Zahvaljujeva se ti za tvoj trud pri vodenju naše skupine. Želiva ti srečno in uspešno pot po svetu še naprej!
Brane in Nevenka

Pozdravljeni, Charovci,

nekaj časa je trajalo, da se uredijo in vsedejo vtisi s potovanja, zato nisem odgovorila takoj.

Potovanje-tisti del na otoku-je bilo nepozabno, le pot do tja je bila nekoliko predolga, morda bi ta del lahko skrajšali.

V spominu mi je ostalo veliko lepega, tako nenavadna, čarobna pokrajina z obilico vode v vseh agregatnih stanjih, pa živali, ki smo jih videli v živo in seveda rastline, od pionirskih rastlin na opustošenih poljih lave do endemitov, ki sem jih videla prvič.

Kar se tiče vodenja, se Marku zahvaljujem, od mene dobi čisto desetko. Njegovo poznavanje dežele in ljudi, pa tudi krajev, ki jih je vredno videti, pa njegova nenarejena prijaznost sta nam potovanje napravila še bolj prijetno.

Potovanje bi priporočila vsem, ki jih mika odkrivanje neznanega, pa niso obremenjeni s hoteli s petimi zvezdicami in neskončnim udobjem.

Naslednja destinacija sicer še ni izbrana, ampak drugo leto gremo spet na pot, je že dogovorjeno!

1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh? Potovanje je bilo super, izpolnilo je vsa pričakovanja.

2. Kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu? V najlepšem spominu mi je ostalo naše druženje u avtu, zabava, smeh in  veliko dobre volje. S skupno dobro voljo smo za šalo prebrodili vse drobne težavice zab šalo. Vsi za enega eden za vse

3. Zakaj si se odločil oz. odločila za to potovanje? Enostavno zato, k me je Andreja nagovorila !!!!, drugače sm bolj navdušen za tople kraje tkt, k j pri nas zima, ampak sploh mi ni blo žal "žrtvovati" tut nekej poletja za to avanturo.

4. Koliko svojega denarja si cca porabil/a na turi? nekaj manj kot 600 eur, skupni znesek z vsem je  bil okoli 2100 eur

5. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a? Se bomo zmenil - z Andrejo, Žigam in Izijam sigurno še kam, ni važno kam, saj je svet lep :-)

6. Bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu? Sem že priporočil vsekakor vredno ogleda.

To j pa to, tut  vam vsem skupaj še 1x lepa hvala za  krasen dopust & druženje.

1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh? Potovanje mi jebilo čudovito in res mi ni žal da sem se odločil z našo mini skupino obiskati njene čare.

2. Kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu? Seveda, kot je omenil Joža mi je najbolj ostalo v spominu naše druženje v avtu ter obilo dobre volje in smeha. Ter seveda vse lepote narave, ki jih je bilo res veliko

3. Je bilo vodenje v redu, kakšno oceno bi dal vodniku (1-5)? Tavčarju dam oceno 4. Zakaj, k je zmeri treba pustit mal rezerve za drugič :)

4. Zakaj si se odločil oz. odločila za to potovanje? Zato, ker me je Joža povabil da se pridružim njemu, Andreji ter Žigu in če je taka fajna druža poj ni treba veliko razmišljati glede odgovora :)

5. Koliko svojega denarja si cca porabil/a na turi? Na turi sem porabil okoli 650 do 700 evrov. torej skupni znesek je okoli 2200 eur.

6. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a? Kot je bilo rečeno se bomo zmenili z Andrejo, Žigm in Jožem, sigurno še kam...

7. Bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu?  Sem ga že priporočil in ga tudi še bom...

Evo to so moji odgovori Lp





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