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Jordan tour - program description

We will start in Amman- the capital city, where we will first taste the cuisine of the Middle East and indulged first shisha. We will visit the temple and amphitheater. From Amman we will head north to Umm Qais, great black city at the border with Syria and from there to Umm Quais at the Israeli border and to Ajlun. We'll dig into the local swimming pool, where the water is healing, rejuvenation min 5 years :-) and swimming pools are very large. We'll sleep in the immediate vicinity of the crusader castles and visit one of the most beautiful Roman town, Jerash. From here we go south towards the Dead Sea which is known as the lowest point in the world and also the sea is the most densely here. We will put on our body Kao healing mud which makes you younger for 20 years, lazily float in the water and enjoy in a view of rocky cliffs. Before we go the Jordanian mountains we will visit the famous Wadi Mujib Natural Park, known for its canyons and waterfalls. Here we go anticanyoning. Follows mountain Nebo overlooking the holy land and Madaba an interesting town at the beginning of the royal roads. We will also drive royal road. We will make a stop at our friend beduinu in Karak where stands the famous crusader castle (well, what's left after the anger of Saladin). Then we go into a stone Dana. Here we live in a memorable point - the view is breathtaking. We will explore these beautiful canyons and rocky mountain region. Here we for the first time feel the beauty of South Jordan. From there we go to Petra. Colorful city mesmerize everyone. We spend two days in Petra and sleep within the historic town! We managed to arrange sleeping with food and a two-day tour to be able to peacefully gather the beauty of one of the seven wonders of the world. We will explore the beautiful canyons full of stone houses , temples and graves carved in colorful shades of red rocks. We will ward off Bedouins and try to imagine what the city looked like when it was still alive. From Petra we will continue towards Wadi rum where we have a multi-day adventure on one of the most beautiful deserts which which is well known all around the world. Views that we see are breathtaking, crazy rocks, wall of a color as a cartoon, walking on the red send and camping under the starry sky in a Bedouin society- these stays  forever. Here we will be most close to nature... In the end of tour you'll enjoy a break at the Red Sea in the wonderful ambience of the seaside Bedouin hotel and diving among colorful corals and tanks from World War 2 . Also good food will not be missing ...
The program is recommended for all who want freedom and backpacking way of discovering the world.

Some highlights

Sights on the tour

Amman: ancient and modern at the same place, falafel and shisha on the agenda
Umm Al Jimal: Mystical black town on the border with Syria about which little is known
Umm Quais: an ancient town high above the Sea of ​​Galilee
Local baths: hot thermal water
Jerash: One of the most beautiful and best preserved romans cities in the Middle East
Ajloun: cruise around gorgeous castle on a cliff that dominates the valley of the River Jordan
Swimming in the Dead Sea: floating in salt water in our newly discovered char point
Wadi Mujib: nature reserve full of canyons, waterfalls and pools
Toilet with view: stop at beduinu with a memorable café with an interesting toilet
Dana: Nature Park and the fortified village, situated on a spectacular cliff
Wadi Dana: Amazing and  beautiful canyon that takes your breath away. 1 day walk
Madaba: A small friendly town known for its Byzantine mosaics and daily tours
Petra: The World  famous attraction, the ancient trading city in the inaccessible valleys
Overnight in Petra: eating at sunset, top quality experience for everyone
Massage and Turkish baths: after treku we enjoy Turkish baths, massage or just soaking in the hot jacuzzi.
Wadi Rum: one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, amazing colors, Bedouins and sky full of stars
Aqaba: coastal town made  for do nothing on the beach, shopping and enjoying the colorful Red Sea



Our advantages

Around  the country which is relatively small we travel by hired car of higher class. The program includes daily walks so that  we are closer to the nature.  Jordan is quite a developed country and can be damn expensive. And this is where we made big  effort to get as much as possible  for your money. Hotels are beautiful, clean and on the sea we have a pool where you can enjoy in case that swimming in the sea is not possible. In the north we see all the top sights out of  the traditional ways. In Amman we live in the center of the city ant the bazaar is at your fingertips. In the stone village of Dana we live in the stone hotel  where the ambient is superb. Here we explore hidden canyon. In the  Dead sea we grease ourselves with healing mud which we wash in a river canyon. In the desert of Wadi Rum we made a trek where we see all the top spots of this incredible desert. You can even choose between more or less difficult ways."Athletic-ones" will do more adventurous hike. For the end of our trip we are in Aqaba which is an unforgettable if you do not live in the city. Our hotel is at the Red Sea outside the city. We will go in the city only for the shopping and party.

Hotels on the tour


Our hotels in Jordan are verified. We choose beautiful hotels with authentic and friendly people and good service. We use double and triple rooms with private shower and WC. In the deserte we sleep in nomad tents (million star category). Accommodations are different categories. In essence saying point is that we are in the center of the action. Hotels are centrally located and all the highlights are in a walking distance.


About country

Jordan is a kingdom and an image of King is almost impossible to miss. It is a country of falafel and shisha . When you arrive in the capital city, which really is not anything special but you do not get a sense of what this country offers. Easiest way to view all points of interest is with own transport so we also travel with rented cars. The program is composed in such a way that at the beginning we enyoj culture more we go to the end more we have nature and walking. We finish at the Red Sea in the Bedouin style before going to the airport home.
The official currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JD). One dinar is worth more than the Euro so here is wallet quickly empty. The official language is Arabic, the main religion is Islam. In general country is well developed, the roads are good. The most beautiful in Jordan in spring and autumn.

Visa and vaccination

Visa is required. Vaccinations are not needed.

Group and guide

Group consist of 12 do 20 people (up to five cars). In the car rides 4 people. Because passengers are applying mostly individually or in pairs we do not guarantee a completely full car ( but we will do everything to fill them). Exact itinerary you can check with the click on a route map and in day travell plan which we can send to you. The group guides are Gregor or Petra. Top team! For the entire journey you need 15 days.
Before the trip we have a meeting which is mandatory to avoid problems and lack of information.

When on the road?

In Jordan is best in April. Good times are also autumn an winter. Departures under the club Char and in organzation of the tourist agency Huda Tura are in April and October. The exact date of departure you can check on the right side - When to go. The number of places is limited!




For the departure dates and  current price please visit the Slovenian page. (CLICK HERE)

Price does not include:

* Transfer to the airport  
* Food and drinks outside the program 
* A trip by boat to the coral reef 
* Anti-kanjoning Mujib  
* Health insurance  cancellation insurance  
* Shopping at bazaars and malls 
* Tips 



1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh?Ker nisem imela visokih pričakovanj, moram reči, da mi je bilo všeč in sem s celotnim potovanjem zadovoljna.

2. Kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu?Petra, Wadi Rum, hoja in plezanje, čeprav me je bilo pred odhodom ravno tega strah, zaradi mojih zdravstvenih težav. A naš jagodni izbor se ni dal! Tudi ekipa je bila v redu, mislim da nismo bili preveč težavni.

3. Je bilo vodenje v redu, kakšno oceno bi dal vodniku (1-5)?Čez Petro in njeno vodenje nimam pripomb, ocena odlično. Hvala za pomoč pri moji nezgodi s potnim listom njej in tudi Gregorju!

4. Zakaj si se odločil oz. odločila za to potovanje?Ker pač ta termin ni bilo druge izbire, sicer bi šla raje v Laos, Kambodžo, Vietnam, ...

5. Koliko denarja si cca porabil/a v Jordaniji?Menjala sem 500 €. Koliko me je to potovanje stalo, pa raje ne bi o tem!

6. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a?Jugovzhodna Azija

7. Bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu?Jordanijo priporočam tistim, ki radi hodijo, oziroma imajo za to dovolj kondicije.


Potovanje jaz kot začetnik tovrstnih potovanj težko ocenjujem.

Zame je bilo to čisto nekaj posebnega,saj sem prej hodil samo na tista klasična ala Palma, Kompas, Intelekta in podobno.
Sem pa še danes čisto pod vtisom potovanja,saj je bilo fenomenalno!

Pozdrav ekipi!

Potovanje je bilo fantastično in polno doživetji. Videli smo veliko lepega, najbolj pa so mi ostali v spominu Wadi Mujib, Petra in Wadi Rum. Sam nebi spreminjal ničesar, saj se mi zdi potovanje odlično zastavljano in se v tistih dveh tednih vidi največje bisere Jordanije. Naša vodička Petra je bila super, jo priporočam vsem :) Za potovanje po Jordaniji sem se odločil, ker me Bližnji vzhod že od nekdaj fascinira, potem sem pa na internetu naletel na vaš program pa še cena je bila ugodna. Za celotno potovanje sem porabil 1500 €. Moji top dve destinaciji za v prihodnje sta Egipt in Iran in upam da jih čimprej realiziram. Potovanje priporčam vsem, ki bi radi na popotniški način doživeli Jordanijo, saj je dežela res lepa in v tebi pusti globok pečat.


....out of my blog:

so far i went, so hard i hiked, so much sun i gained, so much hot i absorbed, so much silence i experienced, that much i saw, new friends i got, new lands and her people love i felt, crazy desert moon i admired dancing among thousands stars, sand was bleeping in bread i ate by the fire, lullabays were echoes among rocks along desert dunes, first snake i saw in my ninth desert walk, one funny donkey laughed his too big teeths face to face with me, in a cave i felt asleep after one scent smoking sisha, terrified i was climbing overhanging paths, nearly broke my ankle canyoning, had such dirty dreams in my sleeping back, ate so f...tastefull sweets, loved hearing koran songs from minarets, laughed my a...out trying to do pantomima for »nabateian art«, was angry to beduin shooting a pigeon in the middle of nowhere, enjoyed snorkling beautiful coloured fishes on corals reefs, haggled with smile with merchants, mixed a coctail out of beautiful nature, beautifully told stories and beautiful group dynamic life ...
and here i am: at my starting point, again...
welcome home. all your love is always here within you.
what a loop around myself to come to my self back...
ooo, life!!! :))) "

za penezke me pa nč ne vpraš, že ceu life mi nekam zginjajo, pa nimam pojma kam....lol...tokrat sem se pa že doma zakvačkala: dvakrat sem plačala račun za mercatorjevo piko in pol mi je, normaln, že prvi dan v ammanu vso culco odvezal...hahaha...
ampak, eni smo partizani, ane.





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