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Tour Laos & Cambodia- program description

Our colorful journey through 3 countries will begin in Bangkok, a city of contrasts. We start with food- rice noodles and pure fruit juice which we will accompanied us throughout the trip. Well we washed down everything with excellent Thai beer. The next day we visit main attractions on foot- temples and palaces of the old town. We will also float the canals and rivers and understand why Bangkok is called the Eastern Venice.
Then we fly to to Luang Prabang, which is today the most beautiful and most tidy city in country. We visit the old part and temples, mingled between crowd and Buddhist monks and in the evening visit night market with souvenirs and a variety of delicious food. After we go on an unforgettable trek to the tribes, ride elephants and swim in the turquoise pools of Tad Sae. From there follows a move in Van Vieng- great little town on the river is always fun. Here we do kayaking, visit Buddhist caves, with tubes to the underground tunnels and with bikes on a trip . The town took over us completely. From here we go to the capital of Vientiane where we will stop for a short time until the night bus to south of the country. There is archipelago Si Phan Don. Two nights we will spend on the tropical islands in the middle of Mekong River. Here time stops, we do chill-out and enjoy beautiful views of the river. The whole day will spent to see the most beautiful parts, biking and various small pleasures. From here we continue across the border into Cambodia.
Followed by transfer to Siam Reap, where we see the eighth wonder of the world - the magical Angkor Wat. We spend an unforgettable day among temples. Locals drives us with tuk-tuks thought the most beautiful but also less commercial and more authentic places. In the evening flight to Bangkok and then to home, for others night bus to Sihanokville.

We enjoy at Cambodian beaches. We found a beautiful peaceful location where you live 20 m from the sea. Here you walk long sandy beach and enjoy from morning to evening in a pleasant atmosphere. Here we will enjoy beautiful sunsets (then happy hour), top seaside food and interesting evenings. With boat we go to amazing tropical island, where we thoroughly relish the sun and snorkel in the wonderful underwater world ... At the end we visit the capital Phnom Penh known for its cruelty of the Red Khmers.

Some highlights

Sights on the tour

Bangkok: chaotic city, markets, golden temples and crazy nightlights
Luang Prabang: ceremony with the monks s
Treking: two days trek to the tribes of Laos where we cycle and enjoy the nature
Riding elephants: go for a walk across the river.
With a kayak on the river: a wonderful descent the river with interesting huts
Vang Vieng: the craziest experience on the river 
Jame Vang Vienga: explore the underwater in tubes
Vientiane: a fast-growing capital city of the river Mekong
Pakse: watterfalls, coffee plantations, forgotten villages
4000 islands: a beautiful archipelag of tropic islands on the border Laos/Cambodia
Angkor Wat: the eighth wonder od the world and the most magical part of the history of ancient Khmers
Siam Reap: crazy shopping, massage with beer 3 usd, tasty food and nightlife
Phnom Penh: stunning Asian crossroads of the past and presents, markets
Beaches Cambodia: beautiful sea and beaches and a cold beer in the end.

Our video



Our advantages

In this journey we travel across 3 countries. We spend more time in Laos, which is the most authentic country in the region. Here we meet with true nature, modest monks in orange clothes and interesting traveler`s culture. In Thailand and Cambodia we visit just a few of the main points and we conclude the road on Paradise Beach. Travelling is active, but for everyone. We combine intresting Bangkok, the northern Thailand the most beautiful parts of Laos and Cambodia. Everywhere the emphasis is on experiencing the culture and genuine people. The most of time we are in nature, activities are many and the food is superb.

For the activities we collaborate with local agency. If someone don not want to go on an activity, is free to omitted. We always do our best to add those needed trip charm. That is why this tour is one ou th best because it is not too difficult (for everyone), Asia offers great climate and nature, and is affordable. If anyone has more time can extended the tour to Thailand Sea ...

Hotels on the tour 


Our hotels are verified. We choose hotels that are beautiful, authentic with friendly people and good service. We use double and triple rooms that have their own shower and toilet. Accommodations are different categories. So our hotels are located centrally. From hotels all main attractions are within walking distance.


About countries

Thailand officially named Prath Thai, which means the Kingdom of Thailand, which is ruled by King Rama IX. Its former name was Siam, which was created after the collapse of the Khmer empire. This is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been a colony. Has a population of 65 million, pretty are Chinese (15%) and many small tribes in the hills north (Hmong, Akha, Lisu, Karen ...). The majority religion is Buddhism (94%), in the south are Muslims (5%). They have developed the industry, the contribution of tourism is significant. Their currency is Bhat (1 Euro = ca. 40 THB). 

Laos is independent only since 1953, previously was a French colony. After the independence, a war began for power, political allies were Vietnam and Americans bombed Laos worse than Vietnam, although officially were not at war. This ended only in 1975, since then the Laos is a Socialist Republic, under the strong influence od Vietnam. Economy highly dependent on trade with neighboring countries and is one of the poorest countries in Asia. The infrastructure and cities rapidly changing. Laos has a population of around 7 million, only half of them speak Lao language, others speak different local languages. Buddhists are around 70%. Their currency is KIP (1 Euro = approx 10000 LAK).

Cambodia is a kingdom, in khmer language called Kampuchea. They have begun to fight for power afterthe departure of the French in 1953. The civil war began and a very strong bombardment by the Americans, although officially the Cambodia was not at war. In 1975, Res Khmer came to power and almost destroyed the country and the population. After three years of Khmer reign (they killed one million people), the country was occupied by Vietnamese for 15 years. In 1993 the king Sihanouk returned in country and then teh renovation started. The land rapidly develop and people are again living a more normal life. Laos has a population of 15 million, they are Buddhists. Their currency is RIEL (1evro = approx 5400KHR)

Visa and vaccination

We get visa at the airport or at the borders. Vaccinations are not required.

Group and guide

The group is large from 12 to 20 travellers. The guide is Gregor, Peter or Guljo. For the whole journey you need 15-21 days. 
Before the tour we have a meeting, which is mandatory to avoid problems and lack of infomations.

When on the road?

In Southeast Asia, the best time to travel is from October to April, the summer is hot and rainy. In autumn the views are beautiful and the atmosphere is more clear, but we can also have rain. Departures under the Club Čar and organisation of Agency Huda Tura are for the New Year period and at the end of October and March / April. You can check out the departure date on the right side. The number of places is limited!



For the current price please visit the Slovenian page. (CLICK HERE)

Mode of payment for travel is different because we all pay on the spot. As the prices of services and exchange rates in developing countries changing note that these prices are indicative and may vary slightly. We guarantee prices only for the organization and escort which is 350 € with a minimum number of 12 travelers .

Prices includes:

  • Organisation and Slovenian escort,
  • international flight,
  • internal flights (depending of the program), 
  • all excursions regarding to program and admissions,
  • accomodation in hotels,
  • all costs od transport, drivers and transfers.

 Price does not include:

  • Food and drink out of the program,
  • personal consumption,
  • visas,
  • extra excursions.




1. Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh in kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu?
Potovanje je zelo razgibano sicer dosti transferjevi ampak veliko za doživet..vsak kraj z ljudmi in naravo je pričaral svoj spomin..npr obiranje in praženje kave.

2. Je bilo vodenje in organizacija v redu ali bi kaj lahko dodali?
Brez pripomb Gregor.

3. Koliko denarja si cca porabil/a na potovanju?
»Malo več kot je bilo planirano«...zaradi daril seveda.

4. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a?
Obvezno nekam kjer jekombinacija treka z zaključkom ob morju.

5. Zakaj si se odločil/a za to potovanje in ali bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu?
Slučajno sem dobil ponudbo za potovanje...odločil sem se zaradi pričevanj, da je Laos lep in obisk Angor Wata..

1.Kako se ti je zdelo potovanje nasploh in kaj ti je ostalo v najlepšem spominu?
Jutranji Angkor, veslanje, tubing v votlini, hoja po džungli, kolesarjenje, presenetljivo dobro je izpadlo na kavni plantaži (tistim Amerikancem na začetku nisem prav nič zaupal). Nasploh ponavadi uživam v vsem, kar počnem.

2. Je bilo vodenje in organizacija v redu ali bi kaj lahko dodali?
Kar se mene tiče je bilo vse OK. Nič se nisem pripravljal na potovanje in vse je funkcioniralo. Na Bolavenski planoti sem imel občutek, da ti je že malo zmanjkalo idej, pa si potem izvrstno organiziral zadevo okrog kave.

3. Koliko denarja si cca porabil/a na potovanju?
Za ta odgovor nisem pravi. Tokrat si izdatkov nisem zapisoval, in tudi kasneje nisem preveč računal.

4. Kam bi v prihodnje najraje potoval/-a?
Oh, tu imam pa kar nekaj načrtov, ki pa še niso čisto definirani.

5. Zakaj si se odločil/a za to potovanje in ali bi to potovanje priporočal/-a še komu?
Dobil sem povabilo pa sem šel zraven....! Je bilo lepo in mi ni žal....



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