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Our trip to Oman is designed to be adventurous. Within two weeks we are transporting most of the country, experiencing the "wibe" of the Arabian Peninsula, getting closer to nature and locals. At the beginning, at the end, and somewhere in between, we sleep in aparthotels, and the rest we camp at the most beautiful spots the country has.
On the first day, we pick up our jeeps. Cars will be our second home for a full 14 days. In the capital, Muscat, we buy camping equipment (which is missing) and stock up on food. What follows is a wonderful adventure around the country, moving daily and exploring the country. The first camping will be by the sea before we head inland to explore the Wadi and the canyons.

First we stop at the ancient (now restored) Nakhal Fort. From there, we continue our journey inland towards the Hajar Mountains. For the first time, we will test our off-road driving in the Wadi Al Abyad Valley. We will continue our journey to Madruj, a beautiful little town at the foot of the mountains, offering insanely beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
Behind this is the BEST OFF ROAD OF DRIVING OMAN. We will explore the amazing Little Snake Canyon over which steep cliffs rise. We will continue along the spectacular road through Wadi Bani Awf. The ride takes a couple of hours and offers incredible views of the mountainous surroundings. We end the ride in the beautiful but mostly deserted village of Al Hamra. Before the day ends, a stroll through Misih's idyllic oasis, one of Oman's secrets.
The following is the path AGAINST THE OWN TOP OF OMAN, Jebel Shams. With its 3,000 meters in height, Jebel Shams is the highest mountain in Oman. In addition, this area is incredibly beautiful and is also called the Grand Canyon. Very impressive area, going for a fantastic walk along the 3.5km long "balcony" path. Walking winds along the canyon and at some points the walls drop steeply 900m deep.
Because part of the path winds through the fortified terraces, this path is called a balcony walk. If desired, walking can also be extended for the most tough. When we finish the hills we drive to the top Wadi Damm. We walk again in nature. A wonderful, refreshing surprise awaits us in the wadi. The trail will also lead us past the ancient tombs of Al Ayn. For those who do not care, longer walking is possible again (approx. 4 hours). Our path will then lead us towards Bahla. Since we are slowly dusty and tired of the desert, we spend the night in apartments (so that the next day will be fragrant ...). If time is up, let's take a look at the fort of Bahl.

The move from Bahla to Nizwo, a center known for souks and mosques. Of course, we go a little shopping, as is usual in the Arab world, because the place is perfect for an hour or so of shopping. We will stock up here before heading to the Jebel Akhdar Mountains. We will drive along a high mountain road with great views of the valley. Following is a walk and camping near Akhdar Mountain in the middle of the Hajar Mountains.
Before leaving the mountains, let's take a nice walk between the mountain villages (about 2-3h), which will lead us through the old villages along the falaj (ancient Omani irrigation system). Followed by a drive to the desert, to Al Mintirib, where we first see the dunes and smell the real desert.

Before we really venture out into the wilderness, spend a day at the Wadi Bani Khalid Oasis, which is probably the most famous Omani wadi. The oasis is dotted with green palm trees surrounding the gorgeous natural pool (postcard scene). After bathing, we begin our journey towards the desert. This is followed by a true desert campfire evening and a desert night of 1001 stars and countless highlights. We camp on dunes counting stars in the sky ... We will transport the desert in the direction of S-J. Adventurous driving south of Wahibe is the highlight of rides in Oman (though mountain roads are also a disconnect). We will have more stops for painting and less enjoyment. Arriving south, however, we will have a view of the Arabian Sea. We spend the last days of the trip by the Arabian Sea, until we leave home (4 days!).
We will get to know the Omani coast well. From white dunes touching the sea to the pink lakes and gorgeous beaches between the rocks. The return to the capital will therefore be quite sea-colored. The road will take us all along the coast. We will camp on the coast at the sound of the waves and indulge in the beauty of the Arabian Sea. Of course, there will also be plenty of stops in seaside resorts (Khalouf, Ras Al Jinz, Ras Al Hadd).
The northern part of the coast will lead us past the pink lake (if luck is to see the Flamingos), we will get to know the fishermen and their lives. We will drive past Ras Al jinz, which is known for nesting turtles. The following is the way to the seaside Ras al Had, where we get our last supplies. Our last camping trip will be along the coast and it's always fun; -) ...
For the last desert day, let's treat ourselves to "chocolate", which is the Wadi Shab, which means a gorge between cliffs and one of our favorite spots in Oman. Take a boat ride across the lagoon and start exploring the gorgeous gorge. We will explore it on foot, bathe in turquoise-colored swimming pools, and under waterfalls and explore caves, etc. The perfect conclusion.

After arriving in the capital, we rent cars and take a look at the most beautiful part of Muscat on the last day (renting a car the day before departure is also much safer!). We use the last day to discover the capital and center of Oman. We stroll along the coastal area, from the fish market, past the museums, sucks, parks, fortresses and famous cafes and restaurants to the old city gates. Walking with stops lasts about 4-5 hours and is very pleasant. This is followed by the last delicious Omani food and transfer to the airport and flight home.

Full of adventures and impressions, we will return home when we realize that we are in for a renewed routine, job, school and commitment. Yes to our Char meeting of course!


Some highlights

Sights on the tour

Traveling to Oman offers the traveler a kind of beauty because, despite its desert landscape, it reveals a great variety to the visitor and offers many attractions.

CAMPING IN NATURE: Oman mainly takes you by nature. Camping under the stars is an unforgettable experience.
MUSCAT DISCOVERY: An ancient yet modern city, falafel and shisha on the agenda 
Crossing the WAHIB Desert: an unforgettable journey into the unknown, past the mighty desert dunes 
WALKING A LITTLE SNAKE CANJON: The steep cliffs will take us over as we explore this narrow gorge 
WALKING ON THE TERRITORIES OF THE GRAND CANYON: The road, 2000 meters above sea level, is considered to be the highest lying road in the country. The canyon is impressive and for trekking lovers
WADI BATHING / COMPETITION: Adorned with beautiful green water pools, also fantastic for short trekking 
ENJOYING WADI BANI KHALID: The most famous Omani wadi. The oasis is dotted with green palm trees that surround the gorgeous natural pool (as from a postcard) 
DISCOVERING ANCIENT LINE: The Old Town is known for its souks, market and fort, 
THE DISCOVERY OF JAMEL SHAMS: The highest peak in the Omani highlands near the famous Grand Canyon of the Arab World
VILLAGES UNDER JABEL AKHDAR: In translation it means green mountain, boasting beautiful, small villages and terraces - orchards steeply descending into the wadi
AL KHALUF or SUGAR DUNES: The White Desert, another natural phenomenon of Oman that completely captivates
COASTAL DRIVING: Oman has a huge coastline, so fishing is actually a major economic activity in the country.
CLAIMS RESEARCH: We will explore many strongholds, part of a long Omani history. 
MARKETS: Markets can be seen in every city, but the most famous and worth visiting are in Nizwa, Sur and Muscat.






Oman develops tourism in a more luxurious direction, but there are still enough cheap hotels. Fortunately, camping in the country is allowed and this is the most beautiful part of the Omani experience. Of course, this is also the cheapest way to travel around Oman, and we will stick with it. For starters, ends and somewhere in between, we sleep in aparthotels, and the rest is camped at the most beautiful spots the country has. We provide the tents, but you can use your own (optional).



Our advantages

Because it is a very good program that embraces the whole country and its beauties. Because we use comfortable jeeps and are very affordable. Oman is a beautiful country and the ride is really easy. (we drive the vehicles ourselves) The road to the Arabian Peninsula, which attracts with its interesting and varied nature and the possibility of wild camping. It is a safe country, people are friendly and open. Airline tickets are good, we fly from Ljubljana.
Public transport in Oman does not exist or is very limited. Taxis are quite expensive for tourists. It's nice to rent a car to explore Oman, and so will we.


About the country

The Sultanate of Oman is a seaside state on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Their official religion is ibadism, a form of Islam that is closer to Sunnis than Shiites.
Most of the central part of Oman is covered by the desert with mountains in the north (Hajar) and the coast in the southeast, with the largest cities: the capital Muscat, Sohar and Sur in the north and Salalah in the south. The climate is hot and dry inland and humid along the coast. In ancient times, the sea was here, as evidenced by the many shell fossils in the desert, far away from the present coast.
Like all of the Persian Gulf, Oman has a very hot climate and little rain. It is raining mainly in January. The annual average rainfall is 100 millimeters. The Dhofar Mountains have a tropical climate, with most rainfall occurring from late June to late September due to monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean, when high humidity and fog are also common. At the highest peaks, such as Jabal Akhdar, the average annual rainfall is 400 millimeters. When the temperatures are low, the hills beat the snow, but not every year. Some coastal areas, especially near Masirah Island, are sometimes free of rainfall throughout the year. Temperatures also reach 50 degrees Celsius from May to September.
Drought and limited rainfall make water scarcity so supplying it is one of the biggest problems in Oman as they have limited renewable water resources. The main sources of water are groundwater in desert areas and springs in hills and mountains. They have drinking water everywhere. Along the coast, such as Salalah, land is increasingly salty, as a result of over-exploitation of groundwater and seawater.
Since the end of the 17th century, the Sultanate of Oman has been a wealthy country, competing with the Portuguese and English for supremacy in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Oman reached the summit in the 19th century, extending his influence and control across the Strait of Hormuz to Iran and Pakistan, and to the south, Zanzibar, which today belongs to Tanzania. In the 20th century, his power began to weaken and he came under the influence of the United Kingdom. Muscat became the main port in the Persian Gulf and was one of the most important trading ports in the Indian Ocean.

Visa and vaccination

Slovenian citizens need a visa to enter Oman. An Omani visa is obtained at the Muscat Airport (applies only to holders of ordinary passports who travel to that country, the passport must be valid for at least another 6 months upon entering the country). A visa for 30 days costs 20 OR, which is about 45 €. There are no mandatory vaccinations.

Group and guide

You can check the exact itinerary by clicking on the route map. The group is maximally large for five to six passenger cars. The group is led by Gregor. Verified team! It takes 14 days to complete the trip. We drive the vehicles ourselves. We have 4 people in cars together. Anyone with a Slovenian driving license can drive. An international driving license needs to be produced. The ride is very enjoyable.
We have a meeting with everyone before the trip, and this is a must to avoid problems and misinformation.

When on the road?

Oman has a typical hot desert climate. In Oman, it is most beautiful from December to April, when the air is more refreshing and the daytime temperatures range between 20 and 25 ° C. there are almost none. Departures from the Huda Tura agency are in March, April and October. It's too hot in the summer, it's too cold in the winter! You can check the exact departure date under the PRICE tab or on the home page - DEPARTURE. The number of places is limited !!



Price and dates:

For the current price please visit the Slovenian page. (CLICK HERE)


The price includes:

  • Arrangement promo price 1100eur 900 € (Organizational cost, Slovenian route manager, flight from Ljubljana, jeep rental and delivery)
  • Cost per trip 450 € (190 OMR):
                       - 3x accommodation in an apart hotel
                       - outdoor camping (tents provided)
                       - driving costs (petrol, parking, tolls).
If the number of travelers is 12 or less, the price is extra charged in case of 11-9 passengers, 70 € and 8-6 passengers 100 €.
Car rental is calculated at 4 people / car. If there are fewer people in the vehicle, the price increases proportionally. For 3 people in the car extra charge is 110 € / person.
* The organization consists of the guidance and monitoring of the Slovenian route manager, the preparation of the trip and the organization on our part, as well as any assistance from a local agency.

The price does not include:

* food outside the program (cca 100-150eur)
* tourist visa (approx. 45eur)
*entrance fees (approx 30-40eur) 
*extra charge for the driver 50 € (this is a self-drive tour so we drive the vehicles ourselves!)
* car rental security deposit (card or € 100 - refunded when vehicle is returned


Method of payment:


An advance payment of € 100 is payable upon registration and an application fee of € 10 / payment. The application cost is non-refundable. The price is valid for payments via UPN account. By making a down payment, you get a place in the group. Departure is guaranteed with a minimum number of applicants. In the case of a small number of entries, the trip is canceled or the price for organization and management is proportionally increased. From 6-8 entries it is increased by 100 €, from 9-11 applications it is increased by 70 €.
Extra charges apply if you cancel your trip, the cancellation periods apply as set out in the general terms and conditions. 60 days before your trip or before billing, you can redeem the amount paid on any of our itineraries over a period of one year. You can read more about the general terms and conditions here. If the trip is canceled due to insufficient number of applications, we will of course refund the payment. Prior to departure, the cost of airfare, escort and travel arrangements, insurance with assistance and transfers to the airport shall be settled. Everything else is paid locally, on site.
Destinations are travelers and prices are changing. Minor variations may occur due to changes in prices or currencies, so we only 100% guarantee the price for the organization and flight.