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Cuba is an exotic island that will develop all your senses. Rumba and samba, the smell of cigars and rich culture accompany you at every corner.

Our Cuban adventure begins in the capital, Havana. After a morning landing at Jose Marti Airport, drive to downtown Havana. We will start the day with a full day of discovering authentic colonial buildings, squares and other city attractions such as Central Park, Revolution Square
Visiting the city will be enhanced by driving in old American cars. With the wind in our hair, we will drive through the endless streets of Havana and along Malecon Avenue. After the tours we will have a cocktail with original Cuban rum. It will be enjoyed at the Havana Club Rum Museum. A visit to the museum will take us back in time to the creation of the most famous Cuban drink. In the evening, we indulge in Havana nightlife and learn the first salsa dance steps. If you wish, you can visit the famous and colorful Tropicana Cabaret. Havana will not leave us indifferent with its colonial and revolutionary past and with its communist present.
The next day we head to the fishing village of Cojimar, where Hemingway's hit "The Old Man and the Sea" was created. At one of Hemingway's restaurants, we order his most popular Daiquiri cocktail. Then we visit his estate and villa Finca la Vigia.
From Havana our journey continues to the picturesque Karst landscape of Vinales. The valley will fascinate us with its simple beauty. The road to Vinales will lead us past coffee and tobacco plantations over which stone masses of might rise. On the way, we stop and drink some freshly brewed coffee with the locals and see the hand-rolling of cigars. After arriving in Vinales we ride our horses and ride through the beautiful countryside to the prehistoric Mural and the Indian Underground Cave with driftwood. We make another full day trip there to the sandy beaches of Cayo Levisa Island. We'll let the white sand caress our feet gently and enjoy the crystalline Caribbean sea. After a full day of relaxation, we return to Havana, from where we move south of the island to the second largest city of Santago de Cuba.
Santiago de Cuba is the most African, the most musical, the hottest city and is the place where the Cuban revolution began. We will get to know the city with its beautiful colorful colonial buildings, Caribbean tradition and culture. We will visit the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery with the Mausoleum of Jose Marti, the tomb of Fidel Castro and the Fortress of Moro. In the evening, we dance to the rhythm of Cuban music and salsa (joining the traditional carnival in July).
From Santiago de Cuba, the route will take us to Camaguay. We will take a look at the cowboys on innovative wheels and refresh ourselves with Cuban beer Bucanero. From Camaguey we will embark on an all-day excursion through the white sandy beaches of San Lucia and Caya Sabinal. We will sail in the turquoise sea and discover the beautiful coral sea. The Cayo sabinal is also home to deer and the largest colony of tribes in Cuba.
On the way to Trinidad, we stop at the lookout point with a great view of the Valle de los Ingenios. The valley is known for sugar cane plantations, so we will visit the estate of former Barons of Manac Iznag, where we will taste freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.
Trinidad is one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Latin America under UNESCO protection. In a relaxed atmosphere, we will stroll along paved roads between colorful houses and get the feeling that the city has not changed much since colonial times. If you wish, we will visit one of the museums or sunbathe on Playa Ancon Beach, where we will expect a sunset. When we start we jump back to Trinidad for fun and dance.
From Trinidad we will ascend the hilly Escambray to Topes de Colantes. We will do a short trek, aiming to swim in pools under falling waterfalls. We will walk through the tropical forest and admire the diverse plant and animal ecosystem. 
After a visit to the National Park, drive to Santa Clara, where the Che Guevara Mausoleum stands, dedicated to one of the greatest revolutionaries of all time. We will walk around the city and try typical Cuban food.
The next day, an all day trip to the Cayo Santa Maria Reserve, where we snorkel and enjoy the Caribbean Sea. We will also have a close encounter with the dolphins. We can caress them and take pictures with them. After enjoying all day, we return to Santo Claro, where we have a little more fun.
On an all-day ride from Santa Clara, we will drive past the city of Cienfuegos to the Bay of Pigs, which is known for its latest showdown between Fidel Castro and the anti-revolutionary army. On the way, one last jump into the sea on the Playa Giron or check our courage by jumping into the 70 m deep natural pool of Cueva de los Peces. Before returning to Havana, we visit a crocodile farm to admire a rare Cuban crocodile. We will have a day left for Havana to spend on our last experiences and souvenir purchases.
The order of the views may be switched, but the content remains the same. The program is recommended for those who want an adventure, travel and free way to discover the world.

Some highlights

Sights on the tour:

Havana: An experienced tour of the capital in old American cars 
Vinales: a beautiful karst landscape with tobacco and coffee plantations Havana
Club Rum Museum: We'll Try Daiquiri, Cuba Libre and Mohito Cocktail 
Cojimar and Hemingway's estate: a fishing village where Hamingvay was inspired by the blockbuster hit "The Old Man and the Sea"
Escambray: hilly countryside, trekking through tropical forests and swimming in waterfalls 
Santa Clara: We will visit the mausoleum of Ernest Che Guevara 
Trinidad: one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Latin America under UNESCO protection 
Santiago de Cuba: the Cuban Revolution, the most hot-blooded and musical city in Cuba, began in the city in 1953 
Bay of Pigs: Famous for the latest showdown between Fidel Castro and the anti-revolutionary army 
Cueva de los Peces: 70m deep natural swimming pool, ideal for diving Sugarcane plantation: We will try freshly squeezed sugarcane juice 
Horseback Riding: Discovering the Beautiful Horses Landscape in the Vinales Valley 
Tobacco plantations: We'll take a look at the production of Cuban cigars and light some 
Camagway: Cuba's third largest city, discovering a city in reclaimed bikes
Cuban beaches: Enjoy beautiful Caribbean beaches such as Playa Ancon, Playa Giron, Playa Larga, Cayo Levisa, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Sabinal ...
Coral Reef: Snorkelling and exploring the wonderful underwater life of tropical fish and plants
Carnival in the month of July: Traditional carnival in Santiago del Cuba 
Ernesto Guevara - Che: The Cuban revolutionary who fought alongside Fidel Castro. It became a symbol of revolution. 
Hanging out with dolphins: On one of the trips, we go to the dolphinarium to hang out with the dolphins


Our video from the tour



Our advantages

Cuba is the pearl of the Caribbean Sea, which impresses everyone. The program is designed to experience and see as much as possible. It is affordable because we do our best to find the best possible options for the best price. The accommodations are good (doubles) and always at the center of the action.The transports are of a high standard and include an internal flight and our own bus so that we can make stops to suit the needs of the group. We will take a look at all the most interesting corners and visit the most beautiful beaches. We sleep with the locals and thus make direct contact with their way of life and their culture. The food in Cuba is good, especially seafood lovers come to your own account. Entertainment is always taken care of, as Cubans are a temperamental and happy nation, so music and entertainment are heard every step of the way. Tour and transfer days alternate with beach relaxation days so that the program is not exhausting and is suitable for everyone.



Our accommodations are cheched. We sleep in hotels and in casas particular (at home with locals). We choose houses that are tidy, people friendly and the service good. We use double rooms with shower and toilet (except where there are no triple rooms). Accommodations come in different categories. Accommodations are close to events and attractions.


About the country

Cuba is a charming island country located in Central America. It is an archipelago in the northern Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, consisting of the island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud and some 1600 islands. The closest neighboring countries are Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Haiti, The Bahamas, Florida, and Mexico. Cuba is only about 145 km from Florida. In terms of surface area, Cuba is five times larger than Slovenia. It is a socialist republic and its president is Raul Castro (brother of the late Fidel Castro). The official language is Spanish and the national currency is Cuban Peso (CUP) and Convertible Peso (CUC). Cubans are happy people and know how to enjoy themselves despite their poverty. When celebrating together they like to dance salsa (it comes from this island), rumba and mambo. The average July temperature on the island is 26 degrees C and the average January temperature is around 21 degrees C. The climate is tropical. Everyone who goes to Cuba is excited about it. Those who choose to dive along the island are also thrilled, as the underwater world is simply beautiful. The crown of all Cuban attractions is precisely its capital, Havana. It is one of the first cities established in the New World and with its compact city center represents the heart and soul of Cuba. At the other end of the island lies the second largest city of Santiago de Cuba. The city is also called the cradle of the revolution, as Castro rebels landed here in the 1950s. The most famous rebel who became one of the symbols of the revolution and Cuba is certainly Ernesto Che Guevara - Che.

Visa and vaccination

Slovenian citizens need a visa to enter Cuba. A minor cannot travel to Cuba without an adult escort. If the minor is not traveling with his or her parent or legal representative, he or she needs the authorization of the parent or legal representative certified at the Cuban Consulate. An adult who has entered Cuba with a minor must also leave Cuba with him. If a minor is traveling with only one parent, he or she does not need the authorization of the other parent.

We recommend that you obtain travel and health insurance before traveling. See if there are any restrictions and that your insurance policy covers all the services you would like to use. There are no mandatory vaccinations for Cuba. Normal travel vaccinations (hepatitis A, B, tetanus ...) are recommended - as desired.

Group and guide

The group is large from 11 to 25 travelers. If the number of passengers is 11 or less, the organization is charged the price, in the case of 11-9 passengers, 70 € and 8-6 passengers 100 €. It takes 16 days to complete the entire trip.

We have a meeting with everyone before the trip, and this is a must to avoid problems and misinformation.

When on the road?

Cuba has 12 months of season. Rainy times are important, and increasingly difficult to predict. The best time to visit Cuba is from December to March and July. Our departure is in February when it is dry and low season and in July. You can check the exact departure date under the PRICE tab and on the right side of the page by clicking - DEPARTURE. Departures from the Huda Tura agency are in February and July. The number of places is limited.



Price and departure

For current prices please visit the Slovenian site.(CLICK HERE)
Flight rates (1x international flight) are changing. The closer we go, the higher the prices of flights! Contact us for the exact daily price. The way you pay on a trip is different because we pay everything on the spot. The cost of the journey is calculated on the day of the calculation. As the Euro can change its value against the Cuban Peso (CUC), we would like to point out that the prices quoted are indicative and may vary slightly. We only provide an organization and escort fee of 350 €.

The price includes:

* Arrangement 1200 € 1120 € (Organization, slo path manager, flight ticket)
* Traveling costs - total box office approx. 770 € (accommodation, transfers, local guides, tips, bicycle rides, ancient car rides)
The cost of the journey is calculated at min 12 people. With fewer passengers, the price increases.
Accommodation: Casas particulares with breakfast (double rooms with exception) Transfers: private bus rental, taxis etc ...
We bargain for you! Since we rent our bus as part of the trip, the price of transport is calculated at about 15-20 passengers.
If there are 11 travelers or less, the organization will pay extra. For 9-11 passengers 70 € and 6-8 passengers 100 €.
If there are less than 10 passengers we arrange transports individually (without private buses).
* The organizational cost consists of the Slovenian guide, preparation and organization from our side, as well as possible assistance from the local agency.

The price does not include:

*Health insurance and ZRO (cancellation risk insurance) 
* single room (cca 16 € / night) 
* horse riding (approx. 15 €) 
* excursion to Cayo Levisa (from 42 € -50 €) 
* visa approx. 35 € 
* entrance fees 

For food, shopping, beer, massages, souvenirs, ... we recommend a minimum of 350 € for your own consumption.



Če na kratko povzamem moje vtise o potepanju po Kubi se sliši takole - zame je bilo nepozabno. Ker sem že nekaj časa sanjala o Kubi je bila ta tura super in sem jo doživela tako kot sem si predstavljala po prebranih potopisih in po pripovedovanju tistih, ki so jo že doživeli. V spominu mi bodo ostali sigurno domačini, ki so kljub revnemu načinu življenja prijazni, gostoljubni, predvsem pa vedno pripravljeni pomagat in seveda s ponosom pokazat svojo domovino. nepozabne so vožnje s starodobniki, glasba in ples po ulicah.... Tudi naša skupina je bila super razpoložena, za kar je seveda odgoren tudi Marko, ki je bil super v vseh pogledih- prijazen, vedno na voljo, dobro podkovan o Kubi, potrpežljiv, kljub utrujenosti vedno dobre volje.... torej vse je bilo ok. Seveda bom vsakemu, ki bi ga zanimala Kuba priporočila potovaje s Charom, pa ne samo Kuba tudi druga vaša potovaja sem že večkrat priporočala znancem.
lp, Saša